Scientific Epoxy Injection & Waterproofing Consultant Ltd
Scientific Epoxy Injection &
Waterproofing Consultant Ltd
Scientific Waterproofing
Engineering Limited

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Scientific Epoxy Injection and Waterproofing Consultant Ltd. is the govt. approved professional waterproofing contractor and Registered General Building Contractor of Buildings Department. With over 20-year experience, we take pride in being one of the specialists in the industry with excellent goodwill.

Mission: To provide the best and quality services to our clients with an aim to maintain the company trademark.

Warranty up to 10 years
Address: Room 4 & 6, 10/F., Block B, Kailey Industrial Centre, 12 Fung Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
Phone No.: (852) 2904 4331
Fax No.: (852) 2904 4332
Product / Services : Waterproofing: Roof waterproofing, external wall waterproofing, windows leakage repair, bathrooms waterproofing, chemical injection works, expansion joint repair.
Clients : Emperor Group, Swire Properties, Cafe de Coral Ltd., M.T.R. Corporation, Fairwood Holdings Ltd., Birdland (H.K.) Ltd. (KFC), Hysan Property Management Ltd., Luxury flat / house owners

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Scientific Epoxy Injection and Waterproofing Consultant Ltd. was founded in 1991. Over the past 20 years, we have been specializing in works in relation to the identification of the causes and sources of water leakage as well as their necessary remedies/repair. We provide consultant services to the property management companies and large corporation. We are well experienced and are able to take up waterproofing projects of different sizes.

With our expertise and experience, we have built up a well-established leading role in the waterproofing industry. We are committed to fulfilling our mission and look forward to more sustainable and prosperous development in the trade.

Our Director, Mr. Chan Fook Man, is one of the leading specialists in waterproofing.

1. Mr. Chan was a lecturer of the Waterproofing Course at Construction Industry Council from 2000 to 2009.

2. In recent years, Mr. Chan conducted seminar in waterproofing subject to various professional bodies like the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Under Mr. Chan's leadership, a project team of experienced management staff and skillful workers is formed to deal with all kinds of repair works.